Identity in the Information Age

Authenticity, Self-Presentation, Self-Promotion—Context Collapse and Online Image Management

Romance, Soulmates, Choice, Desire, Satisfaction—Dating Apps

Memory and Change—Digital Persistence and the “Right to Be Forgotten”

Freedom of Thought and Self-Determination in the Attention Economy—Digital Surveillance, Search Personalization, and Filter Bubbles

    Search Personalization, Filter Bubbles, and Polarization

    Big Data — How Businesses, Political Groups, and Governments Collect and Use Personal Data

    Awareness of Digital Surveillance and How It Affects Behavior (e.g. self-censorship as reaction)

    The Attention Economy

Self-Knowledge and the Rise of Self-Tracking and Self-Improvement Apps

Self-Esteem, Happiness, Friendship—Social Comparison, Social Ties, and FOMO in the Age of Social Media