Imagining Identity in a Networked Age

Building on our exploration of digital technologies and identity, in unit 4 we’ll reflect on fictions that consider how these technologies impact the way we interact with others and the way we see ourselves.

Skills Focus for Unit 4


  • Establish a motive for your essay (explain why you’re writing) by indicating in your introduction the conversation you’re joining, the idea you’re responding to, and how you’re contributing to the conversation
  • Craft a well-focused and rhetorically effective thesis statement
  • Gracefully conclude your essay


  • Close reading: notice and reflect on striking details and patterns
  • Substantiate and illustrate claims by citing evidence or examples
  • Analyze evidence: connect evidence to claim by spelling out your interpretative reasoning—explain how or why the evidence supports your claim


  • Headline paragraphs with topic sentences that make strong analytical claims
  • Establish forward momentum: Thoughtfully arrange your sequence of paragraphs so that each new paragraph deepens your argument and propels it forward
  • Achieve “flow” by using transition language in paragraph openings to explain how the new paragraph logically relates to the preceding paragraph

Sentence Style

  • Manage emphasis