Section 12: Zooming In and Out

Skills Focus: Purpose Identify a focus for your analysis—an anomaly, puzzle, or striking detail to address

Skills Focus: Purpose Establish a motive for your essay by identifying the puzzle or anomaly you will discuss and by articulating the question this puzzle raises—the question your essay seeks to answer

HW, part 1: “Reading" Finish watching the first season of Dear White People (episodes 8-10)

HW, Part 2: Online Discussion In the online discussion section of our canvas website, share your reactions to episodes 8-10 and your thoughts about the series as a whole. What do you make of the ending of the final episode of the season? How does it shape your understanding of the series as a whole?

Scholarly Essays about Shaw’s Pygmalion

HW, Part 3 Here are links to a few academic articles about Shaw’s Pygmalion. Read the first 2-3 pages of each—just enough to determine the focus of each essay and the question the essay implicitly or explicitly promises to answer.