Section 11: Consider Your Audience

Skills Focus: Purpose Anticipate Readers’ Needs—Orient readers who aren't experts on the topic by supplying any background information such readers would need in order to follow the discussion

HW, part 1 Watch episodes 4-7 of Dear White People. Once again, take note of scenes you find particularly striking in some way—especially thought-provoking, surprising, or confusing, etc.

HW, Part 2: Online Discussion In the online discussion section of our canvas website, share your reactions to episodes 4-7 and your evolving thoughts about the series. How do these middle episodes of the season change your perspective on the incidents and characters depicted in the first three episodes?

Interviews w/ Simien & Media Reactions to Dear White People (the film as well as the TV show)

Optional If you’re thinking of writing your essay on an episode of Dear White People, I recommend reading a few of the linked reviews of DWP or interviews w/ its creator, Justin Simien. If you come across an especially interesting piece or idea you think we should discuss, you might mention it in the online discussion.