Section 36: Workshop Essay 4

HW, part 1 Reread your essay 4 draft and, if you like, see if you can improve on it. Then, before 1 pm on Monday, April 22
  1. Save your draft in docx or pdf format (the peer review function on Canvas doesn’t work with pages documents)
    • Submit either a revised version of your draft or the same version you uploaded Friday April 12
  2. Upload your draft to the essay 4 draft 2 page on our canvas site (10 am or 1 pm)

HW, part 2: Workshop Preparation Wednesday in class, you’ll get together with your writing partners to discuss each other’s essays.
  • Shortly after 1 pm Monday, you’ll be assigned writing partners/essays to peer review
    • Email me if you have problems accessing your essays
  • Use the online peer review application on Canvas to read your writing partners’ essays and write feedback.