Section 26: Transitions

Skills Focus: Organization Using topic sentences to keep your own narrative in the foreground

Skills Focus: Organization Using transitions and key terms to clarify relationships between paragraphs and ideas and to signpost a change in direction or shift in perspective

HW Draft a Provisional 2-¶ Introduction for Your Exploratory Essay. Here’s a format to try:
  1. In the first paragraph, present an anecdote, vivid description, imagined scenario, or startling fact that illustrates a thought-provoking aspect of the issue your essay will explore.
  2. In the second paragraph, comment on the anecdote, imagined scenario, startling fact, etc. that you presented in the first paragraph, explaining what issues it raises or challenges; why it seems surprising, promising, or worrisome; and what questions it poses.
  3. End the 2nd ¶ by articulating the question that you plan to address in the third paragraph.
  4. Post your provisional introduction to the student writing section of the course website.
HW, part 2 Read Chapter 8, “Connecting the Parts,” in They Say, I Say