Section 23: Using Library Databases to Find Academic Articles and Other Sources

Skills Focus: Sources Learn how to find sources using library databases

Library Presentation ***Class will meet today in O’Neill Library, Room 307, for a presentation by research librarian Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah.

To get the most out of the session, come prepared with ideas about topics you might like to research for your upcoming exploratory essay. Don’t worry about committing to a topic—you can change focus if your interests evolve over the next week.

Writing HW: Brainstorm Questions
  • First, read the essay prompt.
  • Think back on our readings and class discussions of technology and identity and browse the Unit 3 Sources page, clicking on titles that sound interesting to you
  • Which readings have you found most intriguing or engaging? What questions do you have—what issues would you like to explore more deeply?
  • Outline two essay topic ideas—two issues you might want to research and analyze for your exploratory essay. For each possible focus,
    1. Indicate the specific issue concerning privacy and identity that you would investigate
    2. Articulate the issue in the form of an open-ended question you would seek to answer through your research, a question that could serve as a subtitle to your exploratory essay
    3. Indicate at least 2 articles you expect to discuss if you end up focusing on this issue for your exploratory essay
  • Email me your topic ideas.