Section 22: Freedom of Thought, Self-Determination, and the Attention Economy

Skills Focus: Sources Integrating Secondary Source Information and Ideas

Reading HW
Writing HW Introducing Secondary Source Ideas and Information
  1. Choose a sentence or short passage from one of today’s readings—ideally one you might want to write about in your exploratory essay
  2. Copy the passage, enclose it in quotation marks, follow it with a parenthetical citation (giving the author’s name and, if available, the page number) and post it to the student writing section of the course website.
  3. Then click on “reply” and in the response box write a short ¶ presenting the information or idea conveyed in the passage you copied
    • Note in your paragraph the name of the writer you’re citing, and say something about the writer’s credentials or background
    • If you include phrasing from the original, put those words in quotation marks.
    • If you like, you can summarize the passage without incorporating any quotations.
    • Alternatively, you could write a sentence introducing the idea or information, follow it with a colon, quote some or all of the passage, and then follow up by explaining the key point in your own words.
    • A third possibility is to paraphrase the passage mostly in your own words, incorporating a quoted phrase or two from the source