Section 18: Revision Due

Revision of Essay 2 due. Click here for the prompt.

  • Approximately 5 pages, double-spaced, stapled.
  • Do not skip lines between ¶s
  • Bring a paper copy to class
  • Submit an electronic copy via our canvas website

Peter Steiner’s famous 1993 New Yorker cartoon (see below) evokes the strange and comical but also liberating atmosphere of online forums in the early wild west days of the internet—the virtual environment Lydia Laurenson waxes nostalgic about in “A More Pseudonymous Internet.” Facebook changed all that with its “real names” policy, and other social media platforms and sites soon followed suit—but not without resistance from people who felt oppressed by the obligation to use their real names if they wanted to communicate. Others pointed at trolls to argue that real names were necessary to maintain civility and make folks accountable for their posts, and social media companies promoted the use of real names so as to enhance the value of data they collected.